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Why Guarantee Title?

We offer the best service at the very best prices.

Guarantee Title Company is a full service title company designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of both consumers and real estate professionals.

Offering a wide range of services, the firm has an experienced staff that stands ready to meet the needs of the firm’s clients. Some of the areas that Guarantee Title excels in are:

Short Sale Negotiation. We understand short sales and have a department that specializes in short sale transactions. Our short sale team coordinates the paperwork, negotiates the contract details with lenders and coordinates all the parties involved with the transaction. It is a free service to both the buyer and seller of the property.

Closings. At our office or at a location that is convenient to you, our experienced multi-lingual specialists are available whenever and anywhere throughout the nation. Making you comfortable with the closing process is our goal.

Personalized Service. Our closing coordinators will assist and explain the closing process. They will act as your contact and liaison between our internal departments.

Title Searches. Fast, Reliable and insured…Guarantee provides you with accurate, safe and insured title.

Some of our search services include:

  • Residential & Commercial Title Commitments
  • Foreclosure Title Search (perfect for county sales)
  • Title Examination
  • Abstracting
  • Ownership & Encumbrance Reports (O&E Reports)
  • Intervening Lien and Subordination Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Current Owner Title Search
  • 30-Year Title Search
  • Judgment & Lien Search

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