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Rent 1 Sale 1 Mobile App


img1Search all condos, townhomes & homes for rent and for sale with the R1S1 mobile app.

Access the most accurate up to the minute availability of properties for RENT and for SALE!The R1S1 Mobile App has a patented GPS feature that allows you to view all properties in your vicinity from your car. See what’s available as you drive the neighborhoods. Please pull over first!

Get detailed information on condos, townhomes and homes for RENT and for SALE using the GPS based location search or search by address, city or zip code.

img3If you see a property that interests you, instantly connect to the closest realtor to gain fast access to the property or for any questions you may have.

Search for local information such as neighborhoods, points of interest and schools. Or auto-matically connect to the Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty office for updates on apartment availability and move in specials.

Once you’ve found your new home you can share your photos and thoughts with your friends and family through email, texts and social media all from your phone!


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