Palm Springs Townhomes for Sale

With all the development in South Florida today, it’s hard to find quiet, yet community-oriented places to live. Many of the places in Palm Beach County are large cities. While city life can be exciting, it can also take a lot of energy. You might just want a quiet retreat sometimes, and if that’s your style, then Palm Springs may well be the escape you want.

Palm Springs was originally a dairy farm. In fact, the original barn has been converted and now serves as a church. Palm Springs is a village with an area of 1.7 square miles. Population, as of the 2000 census, was 11,699. The village charter was put through in 1957, making the village somewhat young.

The village has plans to expand. As of 2006, roughly half the residents lived in single-family homes, and the other half were divided among condominiums, apartments, townhomes, etc. Palm Beach County has organized annexations of some of the surrounding land areas, and this particular annexation has the potential to increase population by around 10,000.

However, the expansion will involve land as well as people, so the village likely won’t increase in density.  Palm Springs combines the elements of the classic Florida lifestyle – sun, surf, and unsurpassed water views – with the quaint aspects of village life. You can enjoy a village with incredibly rich history as you go about your day. Palm Springs is close to some of Palm Beach’s best attractions, shopping, dining, and more. You’ll never run out of things to do, but then again, why would you want to? Look into Palm Springs today.  Even a short look around will show you what you’re missing.





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