Jupiter Townhomes for Sale

Jupiter, Florida, is an exotically named and beautiful town in Florida’s famous Palm Beach County.  Palm Beach County is one of the most coveted places in Florida. It is home to some of the best shopping, dining, nightlife, and recreation in the entire state. Jupiter is a medium-to-large sized town. It has a population of 55,156, at least as of the 2010 census.  Still, even though it has a big population, the town has a large land area, too – it’s 21.1 square miles.

Jupiter’s most famous landmark is the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. The lighthouse has been through several difficult situations, including a 2004 hurricane that blew sand hard enough to remove paint from the top portion of the lighthouse. This landmark is a slender, tall reddish-brown lighthouse with a black top, and it is frequently used as a symbol or a logo of sorts for the town of Jupiter.

There are several residents of Jupiter – either past or present – who are famous or otherwise notable. They include Tori Amos, Celine Dion, several PGA golfers, and Michael Jordan. Jupiter provides the ideal hometown for someone who wants to live in glamorous Palm Beach County, but also craves the peace and quiet afforded by residence in a smaller town.

Jupiter is in northern Palm Beach County and is close to the coast. It’s a great place to live if you want to be close to the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. You may want a quiet life, or you may want the vibrance of the larger Palm Beach community. Regardless of what you want, this town offers it all. You can live in peace and then travel out for nights on the town – Palm Beach offers fantastic shopping, dining, and nightlife. Jupiter is an exquisite little town – don’t miss it!





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