Jupiter Inlet Colony Townhomes for Rent

Jupiter Inlet Colony is the place to go if you want to live in tranquility and appreciate the natural beauty of Florida’s incredible Palm Beach County. The entire town is full of both gardens and wildlife, and the layout of the town has it so that all homes are just a few short minutes’ walk away from the beach.

There are plenty of amenities in Jupiter Inlet Colony, and these amenities help to enhance individuals’ experience of nature, the water, and the town itself. A community park is central, and it provides a place for people to gather for events, casual recreation, and more.  In addition, a Beach Club that’s reserved for residents helps to strengthen the sense of community.

As of 2010, the population was 400. Its area is 0.2 square miles. Though the town is small, it cultivates community. It has been a home to Olivia Newton-John and some other remarkable and notable people.

The largest percentage of residents, at least as of the 2000 census, belonged to the 65 and up age group. Jupiter Inlet Colony is a great place to go when you want to retire to someplace that is peaceful, close to the water, and that has a strong sense of community.

This little town has only seven roads, and it represents some of the quaint spirit of the South that seems to vanish into the vast development of so much of Palm Beach County and the rest of Florida and the United States.

Pick Jupiter Inlet Colony when you want to live somewhere that exceeds your expectations in nearly every way. Look into this picture-book beautiful community today! It won’t be something you’ll regret.




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