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Not many towns have names as strange as that of Hypoluxo. While a rudimentary understanding of Latin might lead you to think that it means either “lack of light” or maybe, perhaps distantly, “lack of luxury,” the name is actually believed to have come from a Seminole word that referred to Lake Worth. The word means, at least loosely, “water all around – no get out.”

As of 2000, the town of Hypoluxo had a population of 2,015. Its area is 0.8 square miles. It might be small, but this town/city is rich in resources. These include the Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area, which is currently a protected landscape.

Hypoluxo is a great place to be if you want to live on Florida’s famed Gold Coast. You’ll be relatively close to West Palm Beach and to Boca Raton, so you have ample opportunities for day trips, shopping, and more.

Speaking of day trips, West Palm Beach is just a few minutes away, so if you want a taste of one of the U.S.’s best beaches, you’re never far.

Hypoluxo has a fantastically interesting history. It is known for its erstwhile “barefoot mailmen” and some of its architecture is built in the style of old Key West.

The Hypoluxo Hammock is a pristine natural feature enjoyed by the residents of the town. This area is planted with indigenous plants in an effort to create a picture of what the area looked like 100 years ago, when the barefoot mailmen took long journeys to Miami.

If you’re interested in history, natural beauty, and a real, down-to-earth community, then this beautiful and exquisite town of Hypoluxo is an excellent choice for you. Visit today – you’re sure to love this unique town with an equally unique name.




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