Village of Golf Homes, Condos for Rent

Many people who live in Florida love to golf. After all, the warm climate allows for year-round enjoyment of the sport, and Florida’s lush natural flora is conducive to the formation of beautifully landscaped golf courses. The Village of Golf, located in Florida’s Palm Beach County, offers you all of this and more.

If you want to live in a place that lets you relax but also facilitates socialization and the spirit of community, then the Village of Golf may well be for you.  The village started in 1956. Appropriately, the sport of golf is important here. Central to the community is the Country Club, which includes stables, a golf course, and more.

Plenty of parks have found homes in the village, and they allow residents to understand and enjoy Florida’s natural beauty. You can read a book beneath the gentle nodding of palm fronds, relax in the green grass, or just gaze up at a clear Florida night sky.

Some of the central organizations to this area are the Resident’s Home Services (RHS), Country Club of Florida (CCF), and Par Club of Florida. RHS checks in on vacant homes, provides household maintenance, and more.  The member-owned CCF manages the village’s club, pro shop, dining room, and, of course, the golf course. The Par Club operates CCF.

If you want luxury and community, this village is for you. You can live near the comfort of your own country club and live near neighbors with similar values to you. The Village of Golf is more than just a subdivision – it’s a true community. When you want to relax, socialize, play golf, and live the good life in a fabulous location, then check out the Village of Golf. You won’t regret it – the Village of Golf is your ticket to a great retirement!


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