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West Miami is ideal for you if you want to have a Miami-like experience in a smaller and more communal atmosphere. This small city – the population was 5,863 as of the 2000 census – has an area of less than one square mile. Its history is interesting – it was not originally incorporated. Dade County had made a decision to ban gambling rooms and cut down on cocktail hours. Four businessmen opted to incorporate the city.

Development was helped by the post-World War II climate. Returning soldiers and their families needed places to live, and many lots in Florida were given away by the government.  This led to a rise in population for the city. Upon incorporation, West Miami had only 700 residents.

In 1990, the city underwent major renovations that made it more appealing and helped improve its image. These improvements included sidewalk renovations, beautification of trees, and more. The city is relatively close to Miami, giving residents additional opportunities for business, travel, leisure, and dining.

One of the central elements of the city of West Miami is its recreation center. This was built in 1953. It’s changed over time, but it has consistently offered both facilities and programs for residents of all ages.  The small city size makes it so authorities can provide personalized services to residents. Soccer leagues, events including movies in the park, T-ball, and more are just some of the things this city has to offer.

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