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Kendall, Florida, took a long time to develop. It wasn’t available for homesteading, so settlement took awhile.  Its post office was opened in 1914, and a school began in 1929. Kendall was home to many Seminole Indians, and it served as a home to many of them until the 1940s.

Kendall has a large population of over 75,000, at least as of the 2000 census, and its area is 16.3 square miles.

Kendall has a good many schools. The first school was called Kendall School and now is called Kenwood K-8 Center. A forest planted at Kenwood now is home to many birds and has become a desirable stop for bird watchers the world over. Several elementary schools are present in Kendall. There are four private schools. In addition, several centers for postsecondary education are available. These include Nova Southeastern University, Polleo Institute, and Keiser College.

Kendall is just inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s unincorporated, so you can enjoy the benefits of an urban environment without the hassles of HOAs and city governments. While not necessarily an economic powerhouse, Kendall serves as the headquarters for Pollo Tropical and previously served as headquarters to Air Florida. The wide variety of residents and the presence of several suburbs of Kendall make it a great place to go if you want to start a business.

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