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Royal Palm Beach for Rent

Real Estate for Rent in Royal Palm Beach Florida

Royal Palm Beach has a beautiful name. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city whose name evokes both the stately beauty of the royal palms and the incredible opportunity that awaits in Palm Beach County?

Royal Palm Beach wasn’t always as it is now, though. The city is somewhat average-aged for Palm Beach County – it incorporated in 1959. It was once a hunting ground for the Seminole tribe. Two supermarket magnates purchased the tract of land in the 1950s and then sold it to a developer named Arthur Desser. Desser wanted the phrase “Palm Beach” to be included in the name of the future development. He also admired the royal palms in the area, so he decided on the name Royal Palm Beach.

Desser’s company went bankrupt soon, though, and the initial owners of the land bought it back. Eventually, the land became Royal Palm Beach, a quaint village in Palm Beach County. Though it may be small, the village is home to Palms West Hospital and Wellington Regional Medical Center.

There are plenty of options in Royal Palm Beach for recreation. The village has an impressive array of sports programs, including programs in tennis, basketball, youth football, and more. There are special programs for seniors. Year-round golf programs also are offered.

While this is a great place for retirees, it’s also wonderful for raising a family. Public schools in the village are A-rated, and there are also private schools to suit various educational needs. The village has an area of 10.1 square miles, and the population totals 31,864 as of the year 2008. Whether you want the village life within the happening county of Palm Beach, a relative proximity to the shore, or plenty of options for those who are either younger or older, you’ll find something for you, your family, and your friends.

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