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Palm Beach for Rent

Real Estate for Rent in Palm Beach Florida
Palm Beach is a lovely Florida town located in Palm Beach County. If you see an aerial photograph of Palm Beach, you’ll see beautifully lush greenery surrounding Mediterranean-style buildings. You’ll also see an incredible white sand beach lining the foamed edges of the tropical blue of the Atlantic.

The town was established as a resort town originally. The founder, Henry Flagler, was responsible for a good bit of Florida development. This is because he was the force behind the Florida East Coast Railway. Flagler established two resort hotels, which became a central part of the community.

Flagler’s own mansion in the town helped establish Palm Beach through constant entertainment. Still, today, Palm Beach has a large proportion of seasonal residents. At least as of 2000, there were some 10,000 year-round residents. Seasonally, it’s estimated that there are about 30,000 residents.

This town is the farthest east in Florida. It’s located on a barrier island, and the Intracoastal Waterway is between the major cities of Fort Worth and West Palm Beach. The town has a wide variety of transport options. If you want to get to Miami, you can very easily take Amtrak or Tri-Rail. Palm Beach International Airport services the town, so if you want to take a break, you can quickly and easily fly elsewhere.

Bicycles are a popular means of local transportation, too. Several trails are available to runners, walkers, bikers, skaters, and other people. The two main schools in town are Palm Beach Public Elementary and Palm Beach Day Academy.

This lovely town has an area of 10.4 square miles, making it a great place to be. It isn’t your typical small-area, high-population resort town. You can live close to the shore, enjoy community, and still have personal space. Original house lots were purchased during the Gilded Age. When you come to Palm Beach, you can create your own Gilded Age.

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