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Palm Beach Gardens for Sale

Real Estate for Sale in Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Have you dreamed of life in Florida’s incredible Palm Beach County? Do you love the city life – dazzling nightclubs, great restaurants, plenty of culture and art? Maybe you thrive on the energy a city gives off. If you do, then Palm Beach Gardens just might be the city for you.

Palm Beach Gardens is north of Palm Beach and is the perfect place for the person who loves excitement. For starters, this city is in the center of an area that’s developing quickly. At least as recently as 2010, the population was 48,452.

If you like classic community with an upscale twist, then this city is for you. Palm Beach Gardens is known for its gated communities. It’s large, too – with 55.3 square miles of space, Palm Beach Gardens provides plenty of housing options.

It was originally part of land owned by John D. MacArthur, who wanted to name it Palm Beach City. That name was too close to that of Palm Beach, so he changed it to Palm Beach Gardens. MacArthur wanted to build a “garden city,” and this one is exactly that. South Florida is a beautiful place to live, and that’s largely because the city takes advantage of the incredible natural flora in the planning of communities.

Palm Beach Gardens also is home to world-class shopping and lots of golf. You’re never far from malls with almost endless shopping opportunities, and restaurants are everywhere to be found. In this city, there are even golf-themed road names, and golfing opportunities are always close by.

Of course, you’re a stone’s throw from the ocean, so you won’t need to go far at all to have your dream vacation. Palm Beach Gardens has grown a huge amount since its incorporation in 1959, and it’s still growing. Enjoy the Palm Beach Gardens advantage.

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