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Ocean Ridge Multi-Family Homes Foreclosures

Multi-Family Real Estate Foreclosures in Ocean Ridge FL
Few places carry names as picturesque-sounding as that of Ocean Ridge. When you want to live in the luxury of Palm Beach but don’t want all the craziness of an overdeveloped city, then coastal town living might be your best bet.

Ocean Ridge wasn’t always Ocean Ridge. It was originally called the Town of Boynton Beach. This was also part of the Town of Boynton. Eventually, a renaming was proposed, and Marion White Bird suggested Ocean Ridge, which won the contest. Boynton re-incorporated as Boynton Beach.

Ocean Ridge is a smallish town. Its area is only two square miles, and the population, at least as of 2004, was 1,702. It’s located right on the coast of the Atlantic, which allows you to be close to the plentiful recreational opportunities afforded by the ocean. Go for a run on the beach in the mornings, go ocean-kayaking when you feel brave, go body-boarding, swim, and more.

Living in a quaint little village doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from all the amenities of Palm Beach life. After all, the county contains truly spectacular shopping options, including Palm Beach Mall and various boutique options. Palm Beach is home to incredible resorts, unheard of cultural and artistic opportunities, and plentiful nightlife options.

The median income, at least as of 2000, hovers around $100,000, so life here might not be the cheapest, but you have all the benefits of exquisite ocean-side life. There’s plenty for you to enjoy in Ocean Ridge, the town with a name that fits. Whether you want a lovely retirement home, an extraordinary place to raise a family, or a beautiful place to live that keeps you close to all the wonders of Palm Beach County, you’ll find something unforgettable here at Ocean Ridge.

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