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Lake Park Townhomes Foreclosures

Townhome Foreclosures for Sale in Lake Park FL
Lake Park, located in the famous Palm Beach County in Florida, wasn’t always Lake Park. It was formerly called Kelsey City. It has some remarkable history, too – it was the first officially zoned municipality in all of Florida. The town’s area is now 2.35 square miles, and its Town Hall is one that has stood the test of time. It lasted through the 1928 hurricane and served as shelter for residents. Today, it’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

The 2000 census counted 8,721 residents of the town. The town included 3,650 housing units. By 2004, the population had grown to 9,080.

Lake Park has many fascinating landmarks, and its landscaping reflects the natural beauty of Florida flora. You can stroll by a lovely Mediterranean-style clock tower, visit the public library or the marina, or take some relaxing time off in the beautiful Kelsey Park. The Town Hall, perhaps the most famous monument, is an old-style Florida building painted in pink and white. Its staunch pillars have lasted for almost a century, and you can still visit the Town Hall today when you go to Lake Park.

The town has many community events that help foster a community spirit. These include computer classes, story time, an adult writers’ workshop, anime club, and special social hours.

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