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Greenacres for Sale

Real Estate for Sale in Greenacres Florida
The lovely Greenacres, Florida, is a city located in Florida’s famous Palm Beach County. As of 2004, the population was about 32,019. The city’s area is 4.7 square miles.

Greenacres is only five miles from the ocean, so it’s perfect if you love the beach but don’t want to live “on” the beach for those times when unwanted hurricanes may appear. Greenacres has been named a “Tree City USA” for 20 years straight. It incorporates natural landscape and plants into the design of the city.

Greenacres is a smart place for a variety of different people in various phases of life. In 2012, it was designated by America’s Promise Alliance as one of the nation’s top 100 communities for young people. Although it’s not a large city, it’s also close to the very developed remainder of Palm Beach County. Proximity to this much development helps with advertising, marketing, and more. Plus, if you want a night out on a different town, you’re sure to find something nearby that suits your needs.

Greenacres is a city that cultivates a real family atmosphere. It hosts regular events, including a Cuban-themed salsa fest, a daddy/daughter dance, an Easter egg hunt, and more. Youth classes are available in such disciplines as baton, tumbling, karate, ballet, and fencing. Adult classes also are offered in both athletic activities and painting. There are also athletic leagues and activities for seniors. The city has an entire leisure services staff as well, making it ideal for the community-minded senior.

This is a city for anyone. Though it’s semi-dense, its sense of community is stronger than that of many larger cities. It’s a great place for young adults looking for a home. It’s also wonderful for families, and it has outstanding services for seniors. Essentially, if you want to live in an active community, Greenacres is for you.

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