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Boca Raton for Sale

Real Estate for Sale in Boca Raton Florida
The picturesque city of Boca Raton, Florida, is ideal for a trip to the resort or for a full-time residence. Boca Raton is full of natural beauty; the city is on the water, allowing cool breezes and incredible views. Landscaping makes use of Florida’s incredible flora. For instance, Mizner Park, which is located in the financial district of Boca Raton, has streets and sidewalks lined with tall palms.

Boca Raton understands the importance of the natural environment and the beauty contained within, and, as a result, building codes have cut down on billboards and advertisements. Much of the architecture is somewhat Mediterranean, giving an authentic look to much of the city.

Boca Raton can be an expensive place to live – according to Forbes Magazine, it is home to three of the ten priciest gated communities in the country, including the #1, The Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club. This particular club is home to a stunning Mediterranean-style clubhouse and beautiful landscaping.

At one point, Boca Raton was the site of the headquarters of IBM. Though the company has moved, Boca Raton is rather intriguingly known as being a nexus of computer crime, especially spam-based problems. Scott Levine was famously indicted in 2004 on some of the most extensive computer crime charges in history.

The population of Boca Raton hovers around 88,093, at least as of 2006. The city has an area of 29.1 square miles, so it isn’t unduly dense. Moreover, the large selection of schools makes it an agreeable place to raise children, as there is a large degree of choice in what school you attend. Still, Boca Raton is large: it’s the largest city located in between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach, which is in Broward County.

Boca Raton’s motto is “A City for All Seasons,” and with its incredible scenery and great resources, it still lives up to its name.

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