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Atlantis for Sale

Real Estate for Sale in Atlantis Florida
It may be named for the Lost City of Atlantis, but Atlantis, Florida, is far from lost. Atlantis is a little city located in inland Miami-Dade County, Florida. In total area, the city is 1.4 square miles. As of 2000, it has just over 2,000 residents.

Atlantis began as a ranch known as Mulberry Farms. The ranch was home to many Brahman cattle and was owned by Philip D. Lewis, who had previously served as a Florida state senator. The ranch was sold to developers who began creating a gated community based around golf and a central country club. It was incorporated in 1959.

Atlantis has an interesting connection to our nation’s history; it is home to the JFK Medical Center, which was the first known target in the anthrax attacks of 2001. Atlantis has an airport nearby; it’s called the Palm Beach County Park Airport. That way, travel becomes a breeze if you need a getaway or have to make a business trip.

Today, Atlantis welcomes new visitors with an attractively landscaped sign. In general, the city has beautiful landscaping, including rock fountains, a column-fronted city hall, and native plants including many palms. It is home to both the Atlantis Country Club and Atlantis Golf Club. An entire 43 percent of land area is dedicated to either recreational or permanent open space areas. The main industry is healthcare, as the medical center and doctors’ offices nearby require physicians, nurses, and support staff. Atlantis is a great place to go if you want to live and work in a quiet area.

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