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North Miami Single Family Homes Foreclosures

Home Foreclosures for Sale in North Miami FL
North Miami is nicknamed “City of Progress,” and it’s not without reason. Appropriately, North Miami is roughly ten miles north of Miami. The area is ten square miles, and the population, at least as of 2007, was 56,185.

North Miami’s progress began with Native American residents and the advent of the railroad. North Miami is the site of the first “road” in Dade County – a military trail hacked through thickets and woodlands. The trail connected Fort Lauderdale and Fort Dallas.

This “road” contained a natural bridge made of limestone. The bridge crossed a creek at one time, but the creek doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, the area is commemorated by Arch Creek Memorial Park. The early settlement in the area was called Arch Creek. The “road” was made in 1856, and the first citizens of Arch Creek arrived in 1891.

An Arch Creek Railroad Depot was formed, and a community sprang up around it. In the early 1900s, a church, almost 20 homes, a blacksmith’s shop, a general store, and packing houses for tomatoes have been established.

Military veterans and their families moved in after World War II. Today, North Miami is a fascinating hub of culture and energy. It is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was built by renowned architect Charles Gwathmey.

Two state parks can be found in North Miami. Though it is urbanized, North Miami has the largest urban park of all Florida state parks. This park is called Oleta River State Park. Also, Arch Creek Park, formed around the historic limestone arch, is part of the city.

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