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North Bay Village for Sale

Real Estate for Sale in North Bay Village FL
When you come into North Bay Village, the first thing you see is a lovely stone and metal sign surrounded by native plants. The somewhat misleadingly-named city – it is, actually, the City of North Bay Village, if you want to be technical – is small. Its total area is less than one square mile, but its population as of 2010 was 7,137.

The city was actually underwater, beneath the Biscayne Bay, until 1940. The island was filled in and streets installed.

Today, this island has some extraordinary restaurants. Many residences are single-family homes. However, a new building trend has moved towards the installation of luxury condominium buildings.

This city isn’t huge yet. The population is still growing, but the city isn’t yet built-out, and you can still find a home or condominium.

North Bay Village has its own farmers’ market, parades, and more. If you want to live somewhere that’s quaint and has the authentic Florida-island feel, North Bay Village might just fit.

North Bay Village has come a long way since it began. In 1941, there were only 12 homes. Today, there are 376 single-family homes, as well as an array of apartments, condominiums, businesses, restaurants, and more.

With North Bay Village’s thriving economy, business creation or expansion makes a lot of economic sense. There’s a proximity to Miami that makes it convenient for marketing and shipping. The proximity to the city is especially important if you want a personal life full of art and culture. While North Bay Village has some nightlife options – its clubs once drew Frank Sinatra to the island – you can find even more to do in Miami. You can have the perfect balance of smaller-city life with bigger-city resources. Whether you want to start a business venture, start a family, or both, you’ll find all kinds of opportunities to bring your life to the next level.

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