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Miami Shores Condominiums for Rent

Condos for Rent in Miami Shores FL
If you love the Miami vibe but really don’t care for all the crowds and traffic, check out Miami Shores. This lovely little village offers the best in Florida – sun, proximity to the water, and a delightfully warm climate. Miami Shores actually was once incorporated into Miami, but it became its own village in 1932.

Miami Shores has more of the feel of a suburb than it does of a city, or a very rural area. As of 2000, the population was 10,380. The total area is 3.7 square miles.

The typical home in Miami Shores shows the influence of Mediterranean architecture in the building styles. Lots are lush and green and many are planted with native trees. This village is one that is proud of its Florida heritage.

Miami Shores has one elementary school, two public high schools, a charter school, and five private schools. Additionally, Miami Shores is home to Barry University.

Miami Shores has a very interesting historical background that is still preserved today. The Miami Shores Thematic Resource is comprised of homes that are part of the National Register of Historic Places. These homes are rich with the architectural character of Florida.

If you want a little more of a relaxed life but still want proximity to big-city resources, then Miami Shores is for you. With the quiet of suburban life, you can enjoy some peace. With the closeness to Miami, you can enjoy fantastic business, art, and cultural opportunities. There’s a lot to do in Miami Shores, and it can be a rewarding place to live.

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