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Homestead Single Family Homes Foreclosures

Home Foreclosures for Sale in Homestead FL
Homestead, Florida, is a city with opportunities. It’s a major agricultural area of Florida, and it is situated between two national parks, Biscayne and Everglades. Homestead is established, having been incorporated in 1913. In 1992, Homestead was hit hard by Hurricane Andrew, and the city made national news due to the extent of the damage. However, due to its rural nature and its reliable land (it isn’t too coastal and is thus less likely to suffer sea damage), Homestead has become a popular development site. So much of South Florida is crowded that Homestead became highly desirable.

The city of Homestead is small – the population was 31,909 as of 2000 – and its total area is 14.4 square miles. It has some remarkable history, including the “Coral Castle.” This is a structure built by a Latvian immigrant whose fiancée left him the day before the scheduled wedding. The embittered man allegedly built it single-handedly, moving stones that weighed many tons and then carving them. The Coral Castle is now a tourist attraction that’s privately owned. It is a beautiful and intriguing landmark.

When you come to Homestead, the Fruit and Spice Park is also a worthwhile visit. This beautiful park is planted with over 500 nut, fruit, and spice trees, and visitors can eat fruit that has fallen on the ground. Homestead’s downtown has a theatre, a library, and even the Homestead Rodeo, so when you want to have a night on the town, you won’t have to travel far.

The majority of residents speak Spanish as a first language, but many residents do speak English as well. Homestead is a great place to move if you are interested in agriculture or want to live somewhere that’s a little less crowded than most of South Florida. If you want your home to also serve as a sort of escape from the day-to-day, Homestead might be for you.

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