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Coral Gables Single Family Homes Foreclosures

Home Foreclosures for Sale in Coral Gables Florida
The name Coral Gables is evocative of what it means to live the Florida lifestyle – warm sun, soft sand, and the roll of nearby surf. This beautiful city, whose nickname happens to be “The City Beautiful,” has a population estimated to be about 47,000.

Coral Gables is known for being pedestrian-friendly. This is a rarity in many American cities, but this one is the real deal. It’s only four miles from Miami International Airport and has many shops, restaurants, and landmarks that can easily be accessed by walking. Other travel options include rapid transit, which also connects with Miami’s downtown and the airport.

Coral Gables was the precursor to the archetypical “gated community” of Florida. It has unusually strict zoning laws. It is home to the University of Miami, a school with a campus of 240 acres. Coral Gables has some historical significance, too – it was used to house and train members of the Navy during World War II, as were many parts of South Florida.

Coral Gables offers plenty of culture and art opportunities – the city hosts such events as Gallery Night and also has an impressive array of gymnastics classes, soccer leagues, and more for resident athletes.

The founder of the city, George Merrick, wanted to create a place that was great for business but also extraordinarily comfortable and livable. Ask any Coral Gables resident, and chances are they’ll say the city has succeeded. From its Mediterranean-style architecture to its thriving business district, Coral Gables is indeed the City Beautiful.

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