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Boca Grande Townhomes for Sale

Townhomes for Sale in Boca Grande FL
Boca Grande literally means “big mouth.” It refers to “the mouth of a waterway, called Boca Grande Pass” and is located on the island’s southern edge. The settlement is located on the island known as Gasparilla Island, which is located on the western side of Florida.

It was originally settled by Calusa Indians. Later, European settlers came to fish, and many fish ranches were set up in the 1870s. Today, many of the original fishing families have descendants still living in Boca Grande. Boca Grande Pass is still an excellent fishing location; it’s one of the world’s best places to catch tarpon. Residents can also discover incredible shells on the island’s shores. The warm climate allows for visitors and residents to spot live marine life on the sandbars and mud flats.

Boca Grande is great for fishing and shelling, and it can be a great place to live if you want scenery, island living, and a relaxing way of life. Boca Grande has its own lighthouse, once known as the Boca Grande Rear Range Light and is now called the Gasparilla Island Light.

The town can attribute most of its development to the discovery of phosphate on Gasparilla Island. Because Boca Grande Pass was a deep inlet, it turned into a phosphate port. Wealthy traders discovered the fantastic fishing, and the town of Boca Grande began to grow steadily. Later on, a railroad brought with it new hotels, further development, and more people to the area.

The phosphate industry is no longer active in Boca Grande, but the scenery and incredible fishing are still available. If you’re looking for a scenic and tranquil place to live, this might be it. Whether you want to be one of the wealthy, part-time residents or a hardworking full-timer, you’ll find something that fits at Boca Grande.

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