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Pembroke Park for Rent

Real Estate for Rent in Pembroke Park FL
Pembroke Park, Florida, has a strong motto: “The Small Town That Means Big Business.” Pembroke Park is definitely small: of its 1.6 square miles of area, 0.6 of those are water. It’s serious about business, though – despite its size, Pembroke Park is home to warehouses and developing businesses. Pembroke Park’s population as of 2010 was 6,102. Pembroke Park also allows for mobile home living in beautiful South Florida. It has 17 mobile home parks, some of which are RV parks.

Pembroke Park, though, has many more housing options. On the west end, there are newer apartments, townhomes, and villas. Both ends have parks built to preserve natural beauty and foster a sense of community. The town takes advantage of careful strategic planning and financial management, so residents will be able to enjoy a high quality of life.

The Parks Department helps provide the community with opportunities for recreation, education, and activities around cultural events. Parks are located so that all citizens can easily access them.

If you want to grow a business in an environment that will enrich both your business life and your personal life, Pembroke Park provides a smart option. Pembroke Park has attracted an array of businesses, and for good reason – its town structure and planning allow for the development of business, and the town provides residents with job opportunities at existing businesses. You can live affordably near your job or business when you live here. You can discover Florida’s Broward County while living in a quiet town. You can grow individually and as part of a community when you live in Pembroke Park.

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