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Lauderhill for Rent

Real Estate for Rent in Lauderhill FL
Lauderhill, a city in Broward County, Florida, has an especially unique past. Its houses, designed by Andrew Geller, had their architectural plans on display at Macy’s, where they could be purchased by customers who wanted homes like them. The homes were previously part of an exhibit on America in Moscow.

An enterprising developer based Lauderhill and another development in New York on these acclaimed designs. Today, Lauderhill is not just a neighborhood but a city, with a population of 66,887 as of the 2010 census. Lauderhill is adjacent to the city of Fort Lauderdale. Its population is divided into 29,519 households

Lauderhill, which has developed considerably, is close to build-out. However, city officials are planning new and exciting things for Lauderhill. Redevelopment is in the works, as are new festivals and more.

Lauderhill is a smart location for the business owner – its proximity to shipping and transport facilities make it an ideal choice for a manufacturing or retail organization. This 8.6-square-mile city provides plentiful recreational amenities for its residents, including well-maintained parks, sports fields, tennis courts, and swimming pools. While Lauderhill is a good choice for business, it’s also great for family – the city contains seven public schools and two libraries. In addition, the diverse population provides a second-to-none cultural learning experience.

In four decades, Lauderhill has grown from a large dairy farm to a populated and happening metropolitan area. Future plans call for the inclusion of more landscaping, trees, and water to accent and enhance the natural beauty of a city so many people from so many backgrounds call home.

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