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Fort Myers Beach is a quaint town located on Florida’s Estero Island and San Carlos Island. The 2000 census puts the population at 6,561. Fort Myers Beach is mostly water – of its 6.2 square miles, only 2.9 are land.

There are plenty of great recreational areas, including Bay Oaks Recreational Campus. The resource includes four outdoor tennis courts and 18-hole course for disc golf, two indoor basketball courts, a weight room, and a public pool. Summer camps are available for children and tweens/teens.

Several parks and public beach access areas are available – on days off and weekends, you can swim and boat in the pristine blue-green waters and relax on the white sands of the beaches in Fort Myers Beach.  The town includes both state and regional parks, nearby keys, and a pier.

There are also cultural points of interest here. Mound House is a Calusa Indian shell mound that is about 2,000 years old. Newton Park is home to a couple who hosted guests including Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford.

In the spirit of community, Fort Myers Beach offers Citizens of Distinction Awards in several categories, including Arts and Culture, Athletics, Beach Heritage, Youth Award of Merit, and the Mayor’s Special Award.  These awards recognize citizens whose contributions have enriched the city substantially.





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