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Do you like to boat more than you like to drive? Maybe you like the quiet of a waterway more so than the rush of the highway. If so, Cape Coral is for you. This city, founded in 1957 but not incorporated until 1970, has the most canal mileage of nearly any other city. Its nickname is “Waterfront Wonderland” because many homes and properties are right in front of the city’s canals.  Cape Coral has about 400 miles of canals for residents’ use.

Cape Coral was a planned community that was promoted in unheard of ways. Gulf America utilized jets to fly prospective buyers in from the rest of the nation. Celebrities endorsed it, and it was advertised aggressively. It was unique because of its convenient canal network.

Now, though, Cape Coral is still a popular and thriving community. First, it was popular with retirees, and later, younger families began to settle in.  As of 2010, the population was over 150,000.

Cape Coral offers fantastic business opportunities for anyone who is enterprising. The road-and-canal transportation approach makes it so your business can be accessible both to boaters and drivers, and the large population means you can easily reach a large number of people. Fort Myers is nearby, and you can, therefore, also draw from that population if you need more business opportunities.

As far as recreation, Cape Coral offers a good bit. It’s on the Caloosahatchee River, which is great for fishing, boating, swimming, etc. Cape Coral hosts festivals including an art festival, and many parks are available for residents to use. Cape Coral even has its own golf course.

Cape Coral is close to several institutions of higher education, including the new Florida Gulf Coast University. If you want something different, but still want to live in a vibrant and active community, look at Cape Coral today.





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