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Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty Real Estate Franchise

The Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty real estate franchise offices touch more lives per office than any other real estate franchise.  With over 25 years of experience in rentals and sales we have the complete system for assisting the wants and needs of renters, buyers, landlords, sellers and investors.
For Rent

Founded in 1988 as Rent Free Realty, Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty has the developed the most complete system and software for assisting renters and landlords with their unique motivations, time frames and qualifying factors.  Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty assists more renters and landlords than any other real estate office of its kind in Florida.  Our rental teams are the best trained realtors at assisting renters and landlords.

Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty is also a full service real estate sales franchise assisting buyers and sellers.  Touching more lives in our communities than other real estate offices gives us the largest loyal customer database to assist with home ownership.  Our renters and re-locators become buyers and our owners and landlords become sellers.  Our renter to buyer conversion, with the assistance of our lenders and proprietary software, is unmatched.





Software and Systems
Our proprietary software and systems provides an organized, user-friendly structure to successfully operate your real estate office. Franchisees can manage their customers, transactions, payroll, receivables, properties, escrow, forms, etc.

R1S1.com is our website of course.  Customers can search for rentals and sales via a multitude of search options.  Franchise owners are notified automatically each time a customer searches in their territory.  Use Search Engine Optimized office, agent, community, new construction and blog pages to reach more customers.  Offices and agents have login access to their exclusive pages, on-line training, forms and marketing materials.


R1S1 Mobile

R1S1 Mobile App  R1S1 Realty uses the industry leading mobile app with a patented GPS feature.  Customers can perform standard rental and sale searches or use the GPS feature which pulls up properties in their vicinity.  Customers can drive into a community or up to a condo and see everything for rent or sale in that community or condo.  We encourage them to pull over first!
m.R1S1.com is our mobile app download site.  Simply type in your customers smart phone number, or email address for tablet users, and it will send a text or email that allows them to download our app.
Our loyal customer database deserves the best and we provide it with R1S1 Mobile.


R1S1.net is our proprietary on-line financial software that eliminates the need for a bookkeeper making Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty franchise offices more cost efficient.  R1S1.net is one of the industry’s leading financial software packages. Our user friendly software allows franchisees to track transactions, commissions, payroll, receivables and performance effortlessly.
LCT Database Managment Systems

R1S1LCT is our on-line Lead, Customer, Transaction database system software for owners and agents. This is a great tool for both agents and offices to track their Leads, Customers and Transactions. Schedule appointments, reminders and priorities.  Keep track of conversations, properties shown and transaction dates.  Send email campaigns or team up with in-house lenders to stay on ‘Top of Mind’ with customers.
Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty RentApply
RentApply is our on-line application website.  The Pre-Qual option allows brokers and agents to access a renter’s credit worthiness prior to showing properties.  The Full Application option allows customers to apply for properties on-line.
Even cooperating real estate brokerage offices can submit their customers applications on-line.  Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty franchise offices are equipped with Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union national credit, background and eviction accounts.

R1S1 Escrow
     Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty Franchise offices have in-house escrow in addition to Title Company affiliation Trust Accounts.  Our proprietary software tracks customer deposits and disbursements along with Broker Trust Liability in accordance to State regulations. Maintain, balance and disburse the multitude Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty office transactions on the spot with ease.

R1S1 Apartment View
  Our proprietary Apartment Viewing software allows agents to instantly access and view apartment communities with their rental customers.


Recruiting Advantage
Agents prefer to work for a brand named company.  Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty Franchise offices go further and offer more flexibility than any other real estate franchise office.  Attract new agents, veteran agents and independent agents with the ability to generate instant income, steady income along with the unlimited income potential of the real estate industry.  Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty agents and offices break the real estate industry mold.  They enjoy the fastest growing client base in the industry.  Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty agents typically earn income within their first two weeks and have a full client base within six months.  With our Renter to Buyer conversion assistance the sky is the limit.

Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty Franchise office agents and brokers have access to on-line training, role play training, one-on-one training for both renters and buyers.  Franchisees are assisted throughout the entire process including Incorporation, State, Federal and IRS filings, office location and lease negotiations, office layout, recruiting, forms, filing, software, accounting and day to day operations.

Advertising Support
The advertising landscape of the real estate industry is constantly evolving.  We are there throughout with marketing materials, html, design assistance, email campaigns and on-line advertising venue and account testing.  And of course our website office, agent, community, new construction and blog page capabilities, mobile app, R1S1LCT database individual and Lender Affiliate campaigns help create a diversified customer exposure system.  On-line advertising is in and we have some of the most complete exposure in the industry.

Exclusive Territories
Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty Franchise offices enjoy one of the largest exclusive territories of any Real Estate Franchise.  The minimum 3 to 5 mile exclusive territories help ensure the continued success of the franchisees. Exclusive territories also promote a teamwork atmosphere between franchisees.

Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty Franchise is looking for leaders that possess initiative and the entrepreneurial drive to succeed and help us change the landscape of the realty industry.  Our franchise system offers many advantages designed to promote your success and longevity. If you are interested in opening a Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty franchise, contact our corporate office at 1-855-655-R1S1.


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