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Browse Communities Within Palm Beach County

  • Boca Raton

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Boca Raton Florida The picturesque city of Boca Raton, Florida, is ideal for a trip to the resort or for a full-time residence. Boca Raton is full of natural beauty; the city is on the water, allowing cool breezes and incredible views. Landscaping makes use of Florida’s incredible flora. For instance, Mizner Park, which is located in the financial district of Boca Raton, has streets and sidewalks lined with tall palms. Boca Raton understands the importance of the natural environment and the beauty contained within, and, as a result, building codes have cut down on billboards and advertisements. Much of the architecture is somewhat Mediterranean, giving an authentic look to much of the city. Boca Raton can be an expensive place to live – according to Forbes Magazine, it is home to three of the ten priciest gated communities in the country, including the #1, The Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club. This particular club is home to a stunning Mediterranean-style clubhouse and beautiful landscaping. At one point, Boca Raton was the site of the headquarters of IBM. Though the company has moved, Boca Raton is rather intriguingly known as being a nexus of computer crime, especially spam-based problems. Scott Levine was famously indicted in 2004 on some of the most extensive computer crime charges in history. The population of Boca Raton hovers around 88,093, at least as of 2006. The city has an area of 29.1 square miles, so it isn’t unduly dense. Moreover, the large selection of schools makes it an agreeable place to raise children, as there is a large degree of choice in what school you attend. Still, Boca Raton is large: it’s the largest city located in between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach, which is in Broward County. Boca Raton’s motto is “A City for All Seasons,” and with its incredible scenery and great resources, it still lives up to its name.
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  • Boynton Beach

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Boynton Beach Florida Boynton Beach bears the name of a former American Civil War Major named Nathan Boynton. Boynton visited the area, located in Palm Beach County, Florida. He loved the natural beauty and wanted to develop it. The year was 1894, and Boynton soon opted to build the Boynton Hotel. He spent winters there with his family, and he also brought in people from Michigan. The new residents soon discovered the fertile soil and great climate. The building of the Florida East Coast Railroad helped settlers share the fruits of the new beach-farmland with others. Pineapples, tomatoes, citrus, and mangoes were packed and shipped to other regions. In the 1920s, it was another railroad, the Seaboard Air Line Railway, which spurred the development of the city further inland. The city is traversed by the Intracoastal Waterway, and soon, development grew around that as well. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma did some major damage, but the city has recovered well. It is ripe with the possibility of new opportunities. Boynton Beach actually doesn’t front the ocean, though it’s very close. The only water frontage it has is on the Intracoastal Waterway. Boynton Beach has a wealth of schools, including 11 elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The total land area of the city is 16.25 square miles, and the population, as of 2010, was 68,217, so it isn’t particularly dense.
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  • Delray Beach

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Delray Beach FL The impressive city of Delray Beach is part of Florida’s storied Palm Beach County. This city, as of 2010 had a population of 60,522 and an area of15.89 square miles. It was incorporated in 1911, making it one of the older cities in the county. Delray Beach has a thriving economy with a variety of industries. Pet Airways is based in the city, and the Delray Medical Center is the city’s top employer. Many retail establishments are based in the city, as are restaurants and nightclubs. Art is plentiful in the city. There are a variety of art galleries, and Delray Beach even has a separate Art District, which also is a popular tourist attraction. In 2010, Delray Beach was nominated by the U.S. Tennis Association as one of the top ten towns for tennis in the United States.
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  • Greenacres

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Greenacres FL The lovely Greenacres, Florida, is a city located in Florida’s famous Palm Beach County. As of 2004, the population was about 32,019. The city’s area is 4.7 square miles. Greenacres is only five miles from the ocean, so it’s perfect if you love the beach but don’t want to live “on” the beach for those times when unwanted hurricanes may appear. Greenacres has been named a “Tree City USA” for 20 years straight. It incorporates natural landscape and plants into the design of the city. Greenacres is a smart place for a variety of different people in various phases of life. In 2012, it was designated by America’s Promise Alliance as one of the nation’s top 100 communities for young people. Although it’s not a large city, it’s also close to the very developed remainder of Palm Beach County. Proximity to this much development helps with advertising, marketing, and more. Plus, if you want a night out on a different town, you’re sure to find something nearby that suits your needs. Greenacres is a city that cultivates a real family atmosphere. It hosts regular events, including a Cuban-themed salsa fest, a daddy/daughter dance, an Easter egg hunt, and more. Youth classes are available in such disciplines as baton, tumbling, karate, ballet, and fencing. Adult classes also are offered in both athletic activities and painting. There are also athletic leagues and activities for seniors. The city has an entire leisure services staff as well, making it ideal for the community-minded senior. This is a city for anyone. Though it’s semi-dense, its sense of community is stronger than that of many larger cities. It’s a great place for young adults looking for a home. It’s also wonderful for families, and it has outstanding services for seniors. Essentially, if you want to live in an active community, Greenacres is for you.
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  • Juno Beach

    Browse Communities in Juno Beach FL Juno Beach is a quaint, relatively small town located in the famous Palm Beach County of Florida. As of 2000, the population was 3,262. The town area is 1.9 square miles. In Florida’s history, Juno Beach holds an important place. In the former Dade County, now known as Miami-Dade County, Juno Beach was the county seat. Juno Beach cultivates businesses within the town limits. One such business, Juno Beach Fish House, uses local seafood cooked with a Caribbean influence. The town works toward a real community spirit. It has several remarkable local events throughout the year. These include art shows, trips to casinos, community coffee hours, and even a Lithuanian Independence Day Celebration. Juno Beach cares about the environment. It operates a beach rejuvenation program, which involves placing sand to combat erosion, dredging, and more. When you live in Juno Beach, you can enjoy unspoiled natural beauty, an artfully-crafted pier, and an excellent community of like-minded people. Because of its local businesses, Juno Beach provides all kinds of employment opportunities. You can easily live and work in the same town, and best of all, you’ll be close to the ocean and to the Intracoastal Waterway. If you like to boat, you’re in luck. The copious water – both ocean and freshwater – provides ample opportunities for boating, swimming, and just relaxing on the beach. Juno Beach is a great town for you if you want to open a business, want to raise a family, want to retire, or simply want to live in a community of those who love the beach, the environment, and the natural beauty of South Florida. When you’re ready for a change of pace and want to start something new, start right with Juno Beach.
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  • Jupiter

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Jupier Florida Jupiter, Florida, is an exotically named and beautiful town in Florida’s famous Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County is one of the most coveted places in Florida. It is home to some of the best shopping, dining, nightlife, and recreation in the entire state. Jupiter is a medium-to-large sized town. It has a population of 55,156, at least as of the 2010 census. Still, even though it has a big population, the town has a large land area, too – it’s 21.1 square miles. Jupiter’s most famous landmark is the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. The lighthouse has been through several difficult situations, including a 2004 hurricane that blew sand hard enough to remove paint from the top portion of the lighthouse. This landmark is a slender, tall reddish-brown lighthouse with a black top, and it is frequently used as a symbol or a logo of sorts for the town of Jupiter. There are several residents of Jupiter – either past or present – who are famous or otherwise notable. They include Tori Amos, Celine Dion, several PGA golfers, and Michael Jordan. Jupiter provides the ideal hometown for someone who wants to live in glamorous Palm Beach County, but also craves the peace and quiet afforded by residence in a smaller town. Jupiter is in northern Palm Beach County and is close to the coast. It’s a great place to live if you want to be close to the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. You may want a quiet life, or you may want the vibrance of the larger Palm Beach community. Regardless of what you want, this town offers it all. You can live in peace and then travel out for nights on the town – Palm Beach offers fantastic shopping, dining, and nightlife. Jupiter is an exquisite little town – don’t miss it!
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  • Lake Worth

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Lake Worth FL Lake Worth is named for the Lake Worth Lagoon, which is next to the city of today. The name comes from that of William J. Worth, a general in the Second Seminole War. This city has a rich history, and it was inhabited by Native Americans known as the Jaega before non-Native settlers arrived. Still, the city has remnants of Native American roots. Shell mounds can still be found. The first non-Native American settlers to arrive were two ex-slaves called Samuel and Fannie James. They settled in 1883 and made a claim using the Homestead Act. Their land holdings doubled, and they eventually sold to the Palm Beach Farms Company. The area’s post office was called Jewel and was a stop on the trail of the famous barefoot mailmen of Florida. The extension of Henry Flagler’s rail line was instrumental in the formation of the present-day Lake Worth. Settlers were able to acquire large land lots and also smaller lots within the City of Lake Worth. The year 1911 marked a year of real progress for the city. The first church, Chamber of Commerce, newspaper, and women’s club were all established in that year. Lake Worth is located very close to West Palm Beach, so if you want to take a break and go somewhere new, some of Florida’s best nightlife, restaurants, shops, and more are just a short drive away. Several schools are located in the city, making it ideal if you have children. Many schools, both public and private, are available for resident consideration. Plenty of recreational opportunities are here, too. Many public parks exist, and the Municipal Beach offers a public yet unspoiled stretch of beach available to all. An interesting location, Bryant Park, also has a 1920s band shell which is useful for special events. There is a new boardwalk, and you can share your city with an array of wildlife including herons, egrets, cormorants, and more.
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  • Lantana

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Lantana FL The quaint coastal town of Lantana, Florida, is a great way to experience the bonuses of Palm Beach County life without having to worry about traffic, congestion, and the like. Lantana has a rich history. It was founded by the Lyman family and was named for the lantana plants that grew in it. It was originally called Lantana Point, but eventually, the “point” was removed, maybe because there’s no clear point in the somewhat square-shaped town. Lantana has an area of 2.29 square miles, and the 2010 census found a population of 10,423. Lantana has developed from a small town with few businesses to a thriving hometown for many. It started with a general store and a post office, as well as an operation called the Indian Trading Post. The Lantana Fish Company was another early business, and it helped the catching and sales of oysters to become the town’s major industry. As it grew, the town was eventually incorporated. That was the year 1921, when 22 residents voted. Further business development occurred with the building of Interstate 95. Like it did for much of South Florida, I-95 provided a major kick-start in the industrial and commercial aspects of Lantana life. In 1950, an important establishment began in the town. It is the A.G. Holley Hospital, which is dedicated to treating tuberculosis victims. It is still in operation today, and it treats about 50 patients at a time. Lantana took part in a famous tradition – from 1974 to 1988, it hosted the largest decorated Christmas tree in the world. Via rail, an enormous tree was shipped from the Pacific Northwest. It was decorated, and the attraction drew throngs of visitors every year. Today, Lantana’s population has grown considerably, and residents develop new traditions of their own. Don’t miss this fantastic and historical town.
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  • Palm Beach

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Pam Beach FL Palm Beach is a lovely Florida town located in Palm Beach County. If you see an aerial photograph of Palm Beach, you’ll see beautifully lush greenery surrounding Mediterranean-style buildings. You’ll also see an incredible white sand beach lining the foamed edges of the tropical blue of the Atlantic. The town was established as a resort town originally. The founder, Henry Flagler, was responsible for a good bit of Florida development. This is because he was the force behind the Florida East Coast Railway. Flagler established two resort hotels, which became a central part of the community. Flagler’s own mansion in the town helped establish Palm Beach through constant entertainment. Still, today, Palm Beach has a large proportion of seasonal residents. At least as of 2000, there were some 10,000 year-round residents. Seasonally, it’s estimated that there are about 30,000 residents. This town is the farthest east in Florida. It’s located on a barrier island, and the Intracoastal Waterway is between the major cities of Fort Worth and West Palm Beach. The town has a wide variety of transport options. If you want to get to Miami, you can very easily take Amtrak or Tri-Rail. Palm Beach International Airport services the town, so if you want to take a break, you can quickly and easily fly elsewhere. Bicycles are a popular means of local transportation, too. Several trails are available to runners, walkers, bikers, skaters, and other people. The two main schools in town are Palm Beach Public Elementary and Palm Beach Day Academy. This lovely town has an area of 10.4 square miles, making it a great place to be. It isn’t your typical small-area, high-population resort town. You can live close to the shore, enjoy community, and still have personal space. Original house lots were purchased during the Gilded Age. When you come to Palm Beach, you can create your own Gilded Age.
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  • Palm Beach Gardens

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Palm Beach Gardens Florida Have you dreamed of life in Florida’s incredible Palm Beach County? Do you love the city life – dazzling nightclubs, great restaurants, plenty of culture and art? Maybe you thrive on the energy a city gives off. If you do, then Palm Beach Gardens just might be the city for you. Palm Beach Gardens is north of Palm Beach and is the perfect place for the person who loves excitement. For starters, this city is in the center of an area that’s developing quickly. At least as recently as 2010, the population was 48,452. If you like classic community with an upscale twist, then this city is for you. Palm Beach Gardens is known for its gated communities. It’s large, too – with 55.3 square miles of space, Palm Beach Gardens provides plenty of housing options. It was originally part of land owned by John D. MacArthur, who wanted to name it Palm Beach City. That name was too close to that of Palm Beach, so he changed it to Palm Beach Gardens. MacArthur wanted to build a “garden city,” and this one is exactly that. South Florida is a beautiful place to live, and that’s largely because the city takes advantage of the incredible natural flora in the planning of communities. Palm Beach Gardens also is home to world-class shopping and lots of golf. You’re never far from malls with almost endless shopping opportunities, and restaurants are everywhere to be found. In this city, there are even golf-themed road names, and golfing opportunities are always close by. Of course, you’re a stone’s throw from the ocean, so you won’t need to go far at all to have your dream vacation. Palm Beach Gardens has grown a huge amount since its incorporation in 1959, and it’s still growing. Enjoy the Palm Beach Gardens advantage.
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  • Royal Palm Beach

    Browse Communities for Rent, Sale and Foreclosures in Royal Palm Beach FL Royal Palm Beach has a beautiful name. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city whose name evokes both the stately beauty of the royal palms and the incredible opportunity that awaits in Palm Beach County? Royal Palm Beach wasn’t always as it is now, though. The city is somewhat average-aged for Palm Beach County – it incorporated in 1959. It was once a hunting ground for the Seminole tribe. Two supermarket magnates purchased the tract of land in the 1950s and then sold it to a developer named Arthur Desser. Desser wanted the phrase “Palm Beach” to be included in the name of the future development. He also admired the royal palms in the area, so he decided on the name Royal Palm Beach. Desser’s company went bankrupt soon, though, and the initial owners of the land bought it back. Eventually, the land became Royal Palm Beach, a quaint village in Palm Beach County. Though it may be small, the village is home to Palms West Hospital and Wellington Regional Medical Center. There are plenty of options in Royal Palm Beach for recreation. The village has an impressive array of sports programs, including programs in tennis, basketball, youth football, and more. There are special programs for seniors. Year-round golf programs also are offered. While this is a great place for retirees, it’s also wonderful for raising a family. Public schools in the village are A-rated, and there are also private schools to suit various educational needs. The village has an area of 10.1 square miles, and the population totals 31,864 as of the year 2008. Whether you want the village life within the happening county of Palm Beach, a relative proximity to the shore, or plenty of options for those who are either younger or older, you’ll find something for you, your family, and your friends.
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  • Wellington

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Wellington Florida Wellington, Florida, is a great place to live. This village originated as a strawberry patch – specifically, it was the Flying Cow Ranch. It was renamed the Village of Wellington, and it underwent planned development starting in 1972. Incorporation didn’t happen until 1995, though. Still, the steady process of development transformed the village. Florida, as a whole, is known for golf and for retirement communities, but Wellington’s specialty is the realm of the equestrian. The village is a major stop on the circuit for many participants in dressage, polo, and show jumping. The longest and largest horse show in the world is held in Wellington, and it is home to the Palm Beach International Polo Club. Wellington hosts major polo matches including the Nespresso US Polo Open and the USPA Piaget Gold Cup. Many wealthy people in various industries come to Wellington each year. Wellington has many recreational and cultural opportunities, including a nationally renowned shopping venue, The Mall at Wellington Green, is among the many interesting places available to residents and visitors. Beaches are close by – only about 30 minutes by car – and can be a readily accessible getaway option when you want a break. There are plenty of schools in Wellington, too. Several elementary schools, multiple high schools and middle schools, and an array of private schools are available for residents, making it easy to select and plan out an education. There are plenty of options here. Whether you want to operate a show barn, live near a nexus of equestrian action, or enjoy a quiet life in an upscale community, you’ll find something that suits you in Wellington.
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  • West Palm Beach

    West Palm Beach, of all the towns and cities containing the phrase “palm beach,” has perhaps the richest history. This city is unquestionably one of the crown jewels of Palm Beach County. With an area of an impressive 58.2 square miles and a population of over 100,000 as of 2011, this city is a booming center of commerce, culture, business, and history. One of the most unique aspects of West Palm Beach is its large collection of historic neighborhoods and districts. The Bel Air Historic District was built between 1925 and 1935. It originally was a neighborhood for some of the county’s top developers and tradesmen. El Cid is an area of mission and revival-style homes, and Flamingo Park was originally a pineapple plantation. Flamingo Park homes are Spanish-style and tend to rise in price as they are renovated and restored. Mango Promenade is on the National Register of Historic Places, and there are many more. Educational opportunities are abundant, too. Various K-12 programs, including a middle school for the arts, are offered. Several universities and colleges, including Palm Beach Atlantic University, Keiser University, and Northwood University are present in the city, making this a great place to live if you want to further your education. Many arts and cultural opportunities are close by. These include the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Florida Stage, the Norton Museum of Art, SunFest (an annual festival celebrating the waterfront, art, and music), and Palm Beach International Film Festival. Essentially, this city provides endless recreational opportunities for both the resident and the visitor. Whether you want to raise a family, find a great retirement home, experience truly amazing culture and history, or just enjoy coastal city life, then you’ll find something in West Palm Beach. Find your new life today!
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