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Browse Communities Within Miami-dade County

  • Aventura

    Browse Communities in Aventura FL Who wouldn’t want to discover a place named Aventura? The bold ring of this city’s name entices the adventurous and the curious. As of 2010, Aventura’s population was 35,762. Aventura was originally called Turnberry, and it was a planned community. It’s located in the southern Florida county of Miami-Dade, in the northern part of the county. It’s smallish, at least geographically speaking, as it has an area of 3.5 square miles. Aventura is a city with varied transportation options. A tri-rail system is available. The Aventura Express is a shuttle bus available for public use, as are the Metrorail and Metromover system. Aventura is home to some stunning architecture – many buildings have a distinctly modernist feel that is beautiful against the white sand and blue waters. Aventura has its own arts and culture center which hosts many performances in a variety of genres. Plenty of green parks are available throughout the city. These include the scenic Don Soffer Exercise Trail, Founders Park, Waterways Park, and a separate dog park at Waterways. Aventura has a recreational center with a gymnasium and arts and crafts facilities as well. This city has ample athletic opportunities for residents of all ages. There are youth programs in soccer, flag football, basketball, and more. Aventura’s motto is “City of Excellence,” and it strives to live up to that name in the multitude of services made available to its residents. Aventura is a great place to shop for a house, condo, or rental property. Its name came from an early developer’s comment on how it was going to be an adventure discovering and building the city, and as a visitor or new resident, you will similarly discover the adventure that lies within. Take the tri-rail, take a tour, or just start with some research – you’ll find Aventura to be spectacular.
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  • Bal Harbour

    Browse Communities in Bal Harbour FL  Bal Harbour, Florida, is a chic little village in Miami-Dade County. With a population of 3,305 as of the 2000 census, Bal Harbour is a cozy place to call home. Its total area is 0.6 square miles, and 0.3 of those are water. Bal Harbour was scheduled to begin development in the 1930s and 1940s, but building plans were delayed by the onset of World War II. Bal Harbour has an interesting history – the landowner rented his large tracts of land to the government for $1 per year. The government used it as training grounds and as a camp for prisoners of war. Today, Bal Harbour’s boutique shops are located where the prison camp once was. The city required some design and planning, as swampland had to be filled so it could hold houses. Walls were built to protect against the ocean, and planners built a yacht basin. The name itself has an unusual origin – “Bay Harbour” was the initial choice, but it was pointed out that the village was actually on the ocean. “B” from “bay” was added to “al” from Atlantic, and the name “bal” was born. If you like to shop, you might want to move to, or at least visit, Bal Harbour. In terms of revenue per square foot, the Bal Harbour shops location is one of the most productive in the entirety of the world. Retailers include Tiffany’s, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Chanel, and more. If you want to live here, though, be aware that there’s an application process of sorts. Homeowners associations rigorously examine prospective residents before they are allowed to move in. Bal Harbour is home to the Unscripted project, a set of commissions designed to bring out and showcase the artistic talents of South Florida residents. Life here is life to the fullest.
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  • Bay Harbor Islands

    Browse Communities in Bay Harbor Islands FL Bay Harbor Islands is located in Miami-Dade County and is separated from the mainland of Florida by Biscayne Bay and accessed by the Broad Causeway.  What was once a sand-bar, Bay Harbor Islands consists of two separate islands. The west contains only single family homes most of them being luxury waterfront properties with views of Biscayne Bay.  The east side is comprised of single family homes, condos and multi-family units as well as a business district.  The cities closest to Bay Harbor Islands on the mainland are North Miami, Bal Harbour & Surfside.  The town is home to a K-8 school, restaurants, retail shops and other businesses and along with its proximity to Downtown Miami and South Beach, Bay Harbor Islands appeals to both families and business professionals alike.
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  • Coconut Grove

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Coconut Grove Florida Located five miles south of Downtown Miami and east of Coral Gables, sits Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove or as locals say “The Grove.” Situated on Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove is home to a mix of artists, athletes, musicians and of course free spirits. Known for it’s boutique shops, sidewalk cafes, and thriving art gallery district, the trendy chic Coconut Grove has still managed to maintain its laid-back atmosphere and historic charm. It is also home to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the Miami Science Museum, and CocoWalk, a shopping and dining district. The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is also a must see for visitors. Scheduled each February during the President’s Day holiday weekend, it draws hundreds of artists from around the world eager to display their works for residents and visitors alike. The real estate here is equally diverse, ranging from modest one story bungalows to multimillion dollar bay front condos and grand estates.
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  • Coral Gables

    Browse Communities in Coral Gables Florida The name Coral Gables is evocative of what it means to live the Florida lifestyle – warm sun, soft sand, and the roll of nearby surf. This beautiful city, whose nickname happens to be “The City Beautiful,” has a population estimated to be about 47,000. Coral Gables is known for being pedestrian-friendly. This is a rarity in many American cities, but this one is the real deal. It’s only four miles from Miami International Airport and has many shops, restaurants, and landmarks that can easily be accessed by walking. Other travel options include rapid transit, which also connects with Miami’s downtown and the airport. Coral Gables was the precursor to the archetypical “gated community” of Florida. It has unusually strict zoning laws. It is home to the University of Miami, a school with a campus of 240 acres. Coral Gables has some historical significance, too – it was used to house and train members of the Navy during World War II, as were many parts of South Florida. Coral Gables offers plenty of culture and art opportunities – the city hosts such events as Gallery Night and also has an impressive array of gymnastics classes, soccer leagues, and more for resident athletes. The founder of the city, George Merrick, wanted to create a place that was great for business but also extraordinarily comfortable and livable. Ask any Coral Gables resident, and chances are they’ll say the city has succeeded. From its Mediterranean-style architecture to its thriving business district, Coral Gables is indeed the City Beautiful.
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  • Cutler Bay

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Cutler Bay Florida Cutler Bay, formerly known as Cutler Ridge, is an incorporated town in Miami-Dade County that stretches form SW 184th Street (Eureka Dr) east of US-1 to the coast, and north of Black Point Marina.  As of the 2010 census, Cutler Bay had a total population of 40,286.  Its incorporation came in 2005 when residents voted to do so and after adopting a municipal charter the city was renamed Cutler Bay. It is a medium sized coastal town with eight constituent neighborhoods making it the 73rd largest community in Florida. In August 1992, Culter Bay and the surrounding areas were devastated by Hurricane Andrew.  Most of the homes and businesses in the area were completely destroyed because of their wood frame construction. Since Hurricane Andrew new laws were put in place to ensure that history would not repeat itself.  Homes and business are now built with concrete block construction and while Cutler Bay was one of the worst affected it has since rebuilt itself little by little. Because of its proximity to the water both residents and visitors alike are able to enjoy all that Florida beaches, inlets, and bays have to offer. In addition to the waterfront activities, Cutler Bay is close to some of South Florida’s finest attractions such as Biscayne National Park, Coral Castle, Everglades National Park, Deering Estate, The Miami Metrozoo, The Miami Seaquarium, Monkey Jungle and Jungle Island.
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  • Doral

    Browse Communities in Doral FL Doral is located in north-central Miami-Dade County, just 1 mile northwest of Miami International Airport, and 12 miles from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami. The city takes its name from the famous Doral Golf Resort and Spa located within its municipal boundaries. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city had a population of 45,704 making it one of the fastest growing cities in Miami-Dade County, with a growth rate of 123.6% Since becoming incorporated in 2003, Doral has received numerous accolades from various publications. Forbes Magazine listed Doral as Number 2 in America's Top 25 towns to live well; for its cultural amenities, pro-business environment, and highly educated workforce. BusinessWeek named Doral the best city in Florida for Business Start-ups. CNNMoney.com ranked Doral 51st in their list of 100 places to live and launch a business in the United States. US News & World Report ranked Doral third in their list of best places to retire in the United States. Residents here are offered a variety of real estate options from affordable to luxury living; with an array of condominiums, townhomes, modest single family homes, and elaborate custom homes to choose from.
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  • Miami

    Browse Communities in Miami FL Miami is famous. This enormous city is the largest metropolis in the southeastern U.S. Because of its large Spanish-speaking population, it is nicknamed “the capital of Latin America.” Miami is especially busy with cruise line traffic. Though it’s huge, Miami has been ranked by Forbes as “America’s Cleanest City.” Its population is estimated to be about 5.5 million. The city was incorporated in 1896. It was planned by Julia Tuttle, a citrus grower, and is the only major U.S. city to be thought of and designed by a woman. The city has grown remarkably quickly. The seemingly exponential growth earned it the nickname “The Magic City.” When you live in Miami, you’re never far from water. Miami is close to the Everglades and to Biscayne Bay. Also, Lake Okeechobee and Florida Bay are nearby. If you like to boat or swim, this is a good place for you to live. Because of the Gulfstream, Miami stays warm all year. The total area is 55.7 square miles, making Miami one of the densest U.S. cities. Miami has many opportunities for entertainment. Several theatres are present, and opera houses and general performing arts centers are available. Because of the warm climate, Miami parks can be used for year-round activities. Zoos and various themed parks are available, and snorkeling on Biscayne Bay is a popular pursuit. Miami has a vibrant music scene. Cat Power and Iron & Wine are based in Miami, and many bands have roots in the city but are based elsewhere. Food in Miami has the rich influences of the Caribbean and Latin America. Sports teams, including the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, and Florida Panthers are all based in this eclectic and fascinating city.
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  • North Bay Village

    Browse Communities in North Bay Village FL When you come into North Bay Village, the first thing you see is a lovely stone and metal sign surrounded by native plants. The somewhat misleadingly-named city – it is, actually, the City of North Bay Village, if you want to be technical – is small. Its total area is less than one square mile, but its population as of 2010 was 7,137. The city was actually underwater, beneath the Biscayne Bay, until 1940. The island was filled in and streets installed. Today, this island has some extraordinary restaurants. Many residences are single-family homes. However, a new building trend has moved towards the installation of luxury condominium buildings. This city isn’t huge yet. The population is still growing, but the city isn’t yet built-out, and you can still find a home or condominium. North Bay Village has its own farmers’ market, parades, and more. If you want to live somewhere that’s quaint and has the authentic Florida-island feel, North Bay Village might just fit. North Bay Village has come a long way since it began. In 1941, there were only 12 homes. Today, there are 376 single-family homes, as well as an array of apartments, condominiums, businesses, restaurants, and more. With North Bay Village’s thriving economy, business creation or expansion makes a lot of economic sense. There’s a proximity to Miami that makes it convenient for marketing and shipping. The proximity to the city is especially important if you want a personal life full of art and culture. While North Bay Village has some nightlife options – its clubs once drew Frank Sinatra to the island – you can find even more to do in Miami. You can have the perfect balance of smaller-city life with bigger-city resources. Whether you want to start a business venture, start a family, or both, you’ll find all kinds of opportunities to bring your life to the next level.
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  • North Miami

    Browse Communities in North Miami FL North Miami is nicknamed “City of Progress,” and it’s not without reason. Appropriately, North Miami is roughly ten miles north of Miami. The area is ten square miles, and the population, at least as of 2007, was 56,185. North Miami’s progress began with Native American residents and the advent of the railroad. North Miami is the site of the first “road” in Dade County – a military trail hacked through thickets and woodlands. The trail connected Fort Lauderdale and Fort Dallas. This “road” contained a natural bridge made of limestone. The bridge crossed a creek at one time, but the creek doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, the area is commemorated by Arch Creek Memorial Park. The early settlement in the area was called Arch Creek. The “road” was made in 1856, and the first citizens of Arch Creek arrived in 1891. An Arch Creek Railroad Depot was formed, and a community sprang up around it. In the early 1900s, a church, almost 20 homes, a blacksmith’s shop, a general store, and packing houses for tomatoes have been established. Military veterans and their families moved in after World War II. Today, North Miami is a fascinating hub of culture and energy. It is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was built by renowned architect Charles Gwathmey. Two state parks can be found in North Miami. Though it is urbanized, North Miami has the largest urban park of all Florida state parks. This park is called Oleta River State Park. Also, Arch Creek Park, formed around the historic limestone arch, is part of the city.
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  • Sunny Isles Beach

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Sunny Isles Beach Florida Sunny Isles Beach, located on an island in Miami-Dade County, Florida, has some truly fantastic beaches. You can look out over the pristine blue-green of the Atlantic or relax on the white sand beaches. When you want a night on the town, there’s plenty that Sunny Isles Beach has to offer in the way of fun. Collins Avenue, a central thoroughfare, is rich with culture and a wide variety of shops. It also has a great proximity to some of the best shopping South Florida has to offer. Bal Harbour, located just to the south, has several boutique and designer shops including Chanel, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more. Sunny Isles has an interesting past as well. Upon building of the Haulover Bridge, it became easy to access the city from Miami Beach, and it became a very popular destination. It also was the forerunner to auto racing at Daytona and Sebring. A wooden track was built in 1926. It had space for thousands of spectators, and one international car race was held before the track was destroyed in a hurricane. Sunny Isles Beach has plenty of educational options. Three elementary schools serve the city, and one middle school and one high school are available. This city is a large and developing resort city. High-rise hotels and condominium buildings are springing up, especially along the coast. Some builders have licensed the Donald Trump name to better promote the new buildings. Sunny Isles Beach is growing by the day.
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  • Surfside

    Browse Community Rentals, Sales and Foreclosures in Surfside Florida Surfside, Florida is a laidback oceanfront community situated between the City of Miami Beach to the south and the Village of Bal Harbour to the north.  With approximately 5,000 residents, Surfside is a peaceful community that boasts quaint neighborhoods, a business and commercial district with over 100 restaurants & shops, pristine white sand beaches and high end resorts and hotels. Residents here are offered a variety of real estate options from affordable to luxury living. Properties are available inland as well as oceanfront. The Town of Surfside has tennis courts, public pools, meeting rooms, and a special veterans recreation center. Additionally, Surfside is only minutes from all that the City of Miami has to offer: Theaters, museums, sports arenas and of course the infamous South Beach. Surfside is an ideal location for renters or buyers looking for a small town feel while still being close to the vibrant and eclectic city of Miami.
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