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  • Bonita Springs

    Browse Communities in Bonita Springs FL Bonita Springs, Florida, is a small city that works to be the best it can possibly be for its residents. Bonita Springs is a progressive city that works to enhance safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. The city motto is “Small town charm, big bright future,” and it’s easy to see why. Whether you want a new community or are seeking to start a successful business, Bonita Springs has options for you. This city has an area of 41 square miles and is located on the southwest coast of Florida. The natural beauty surrounding it and within it is truly incredible – the city has access to a beach preserve, which is one of the few undeveloped barrier islands on the Florida coast. Bonita has its own beachfront park to help residents better enjoy and interact with the city’s natural beauty. There’s plenty more to enrich life here. Bonita Springs has an art league that hosts exhibitions (stationary and traveling) and also offers classes. The recreation center offers unique and varied workout opportunities, too – play mahjong, do some yoga, or lift weights. Bonita Springs works with businesses – if you’re interested in starting a business in the city, you should know that Bonita uses public/private partnerships to help speed your business along to success. Just as it welcomes residents, Bonita Springs embraces business and will work with you to help make yours a success. The city is one that adapts with the times – a new social media campaign is helping it to better connect with residents – but it also understands the value of preservation. At Bonita Springs, you can utilize cutting-edge technology while at work and then relax on a pristine and uncluttered beach on the weekends. This is a city for those who understand the value of hard work, but then know when it’s time to relax.
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  • Cape Coral

    Browse Communities in Cape Coral FL Do you like to boat more than you like to drive? Maybe you like the quiet of a waterway more so than the rush of the highway. If so, Cape Coral is for you. This city, founded in 1957 but not incorporated until 1970, has the most canal mileage of nearly any other city. Its nickname is “Waterfront Wonderland” because many homes and properties are right in front of the city’s canals. Cape Coral has about 400 miles of canals for residents’ use. Cape Coral was a planned community that was promoted in unheard of ways. Gulf America utilized jets to fly prospective buyers in from the rest of the nation. Celebrities endorsed it, and it was advertised aggressively. It was unique because of its convenient canal network. Now, though, Cape Coral is still a popular and thriving community. First, it was popular with retirees, and later, younger families began to settle in. As of 2010, the population was over 150,000. Cape Coral offers fantastic business opportunities for anyone who is enterprising. The road-and-canal transportation approach makes it so your business can be accessible both to boaters and drivers, and the large population means you can easily reach a large number of people. Fort Myers is nearby, and you can, therefore, also draw from that population if you need more business opportunities. As far as recreation, Cape Coral offers a good bit. It’s on the Caloosahatchee River, which is great for fishing, boating, swimming, etc. Cape Coral hosts festivals including an art festival, and many parks are available for residents to use. Cape Coral even has its own golf course. Cape Coral is close to several institutions of higher education, including the new Florida Gulf Coast University. If you want something different, but still want to live in a vibrant and active community, look at Cape Coral today.
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  • Estero

    Browse Communities in Estero FL Estero, located in Lee County on the southwest coast of Florida, has what is perhaps one of the most interesting stories of formation and incorporation. It was founded by followers of Dr. Cyrus Reed Teed. Teed claimed he was immortal, and he theorized that people live inside the Earth’s outer skin and that all planets and stars are inside of the hollow Earth. Teed called this theory Koreshan Unity. He and his followers bought 320 acres and funded a political party, the Progressive Liberty Party. Koreshan Unity fell apart after Teed’s death, and the site was maintained as a historic site. Today, Estero is home to many sports teams and facilities, including the Germain Arena. This is home to the Florida Everglades hockey team and the Florida Firecats arena football team. Estero’s population as of 2010 was 18,176. This is a significant increase from the 2000 count of 9,503. Estero is a great place for business or for a new residence. The novelty aspect of Koreshan Unity makes it an interesting location for a campground or B&B. Its location in southwest Florida makes it a calmer place to live than in the bustling cities that compose much of South Florida. Originally, settlers were fishing families, and the town developed along the river until the 1970s, when further expansion occurred. Many fishing families lived on Mound Key, which is an island ringed in mangroves, which is situated in Estero Bay. Whether you want a retirement home with a fascinating history, a new and quirky place to set up a business, or just somewhere to live that’s a bit out of the ordinary, check out Estero. Its rich and unconventional history makes it a great place to live and work. You can fish, boat on the tranquil bay, relax on the beach, and more when you choose Estero.
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  • Fort Myers

    Browse Communities in Fort Myers FL Fort Myers is the major commercial center and county seat of Florida’s Lee County. As of 2010, the population was over 60,000. It was the location of the winter homes of both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Both homes can be found on McGregor Boulevard. The town originated as a fort built along the Caloosahatchee River to combat the Seminole Indians. It was later occupied by Union troops in the Civil War. Fort Myers was incorporated in the 1880s, and it eventually became one of the second largest cities on the west coast of Florida (the biggest was Tampa). The year of 1898 brought fame to Fort Myers – Royal Palm Hotel was built, and the city became known as a winter resort. A bridge was built, railroads were extended, and real estate money began pouring in. Fort Myers has several award-winning and/or highly ranked secondary schools. Several colleges are located in the city. These include Hodges University, Keiser University, Rasmussen College, Nova Southeastern University, and Southwest Florida College. Fort Myers also is excellent for business. It’s a major gateway to the tourist spots in Southwest Florida, and its large population and high degree of traffic make it a smart place to open a new business. Fort Myers is the spring training home of the Boston Red Sox. A former player, Mike Greenwell, helped bring the team to Fort Myers, and the resultant move brought City of Palms Park to Fort Myers in 1992. The Historic Downtown of Fort Myers provides waterfront entertainment, and the city contains several unique points of interest, including a museum dedicated to Art of the Olympians and a combination nature center and planetarium. Whether you want to move here for business, for retirement, or simply for relocation, you’ll find plenty of interesting and worthwhile ways to fill your time while in Fort Myers.
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  • Fort Myers Beach

    Browse Communities in Fort Myers Beach FL Fort Myers Beach is a quaint town located on Florida’s Estero Island and San Carlos Island. The 2000 census puts the population at 6,561. Fort Myers Beach is mostly water – of its 6.2 square miles, only 2.9 are land. There are plenty of great recreational areas, including Bay Oaks Recreational Campus. The resource includes four outdoor tennis courts and 18-hole course for disc golf, two indoor basketball courts, a weight room, and a public pool. Summer camps are available for children and tweens/teens. Several parks and public beach access areas are available – on days off and weekends, you can swim and boat in the pristine blue-green waters and relax on the white sands of the beaches in Fort Myers Beach. The town includes both state and regional parks, nearby keys, and a pier. There are also cultural points of interest here. Mound House is a Calusa Indian shell mound that is about 2,000 years old. Newton Park is home to a couple who hosted guests including Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford. In the spirit of community, Fort Myers Beach offers Citizens of Distinction Awards in several categories, including Arts and Culture, Athletics, Beach Heritage, Youth Award of Merit, and the Mayor’s Special Award. These awards recognize citizens whose contributions have enriched the city substantially. When you live in Fort Myers Beach, you’ll be able to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the beaches and the genuine feel of a community. Whether you want to retire, start a business, raise a family, or set up a vacation home, you’ll find your time in Fort Myers Beach to always be well-spent.
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