Coral Springs Townhomes for Rent

Coral Springs is relatively new – it was chartered in 1963. It’s big, too – the 2010 census counts the population at 121,096. The city is unique in that it has strict codes to preserve its aesthetics.

Though Coral Springs is a new city, it has an intriguing history. It was once a wetland, and upon drainage, it became a bean farm. The heirs of the original owner raised cattle after his death. After World War II, developers became interested in the property. The developer – Coral Ridge Properties – contributed to the naming of the city, which was planned.

Rapid population growth has spurred the city to become an epicenter of South Florida happenings. In its early years, Coral Springs saw a population growth of roughly 35,000 per decade. Consequently, 19 public schools and a regional mall were added. Many shopping centers and impressive green parks followed suit.

When the Sawgrass Expressway was built in 1986, it granted Coral Springs an opportunity for further growth, and a museum and theatre were opened.

It may be difficult to find a brand-new home in Coral Springs, as it reached residential build-out in 2003. Nonetheless, the city has been ranked as one of the best places to live by multiple sources, including Money Magazine.

Coral Springs has an attractive cityscape with few tall building or signs. The multiple restrictions on commercial signs have led to some interesting happenings – Coral Springs was included in the first game of Trivial Pursuit. The reason? It is home to the first McDonald’s that has no gold-arch sign.

Whether you’re on the upstart of a career, raising a family, or are retired, you’ll find something in the pristine landscape of Coral Springs.




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