Southwest Ranches Homes, Townhomes, Condos for Sale

If you’re looking for something different, maybe Southwest Ranches is for you. This unique community is right at the edge of the famous Everglades. It incorporated rather than choosing to become a part of Pembroke Pines, a nearby city in Broward County. Southwest Ranches’ residents lead a rural and equestrian lifestyle. The town has incorporated miles of greenways, which are trails that can be used for riding, walking, running, etc.

Southwest Ranches homes are all built on lots of at least one acre. The town’s laws ensure that homes are not built on smaller lots. This community is for those who are interested in the world as it once was – roads are not paved, and traffic lights are not incorporated into the town.

Southwest Ranches is committed to maintaining green space and natural beauty. Its first public recreational facility was an equestrian park, which contained a show ring complete with judge’s stand and speaker system, nature trails, and “Equestrian Oasis,” an area for relaxing post-workout. The area is planted with wetland plants, many of which have identifications.

Southwest Ranches is an ideal place to live if you value the outdoors and a rural lifestyle.  Maybe you’re retired and want to relax with like-minded people. Or maybe you’re a young professional who wants to ride, live in harmony with nature, and relax in between busy days at work. Whatever your reasoning, Southwest Ranches promises a tranquil escape from the built-up, urban-sprawl that affects much of the rest of the world.

The town contracts for police and EMS services, so while you can live the rural lifestyle, you have the modern assurances of safety and medical care when you need them. Whether you want a farm, a country estate, or just a quaint cottage in the unspoiled beauty of nature, you’ll find all that you need at Southwest Ranches.



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