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The lovely city of Parkland is comfortably sized at 25,000. Unlike many bustling, primarily pavement urban areas, Parkland is set in a wooded area in Florida’s Broward County. Parkland is especially unique in that it incorporates elements of commercial and industrial land alongside residential developments. Parkland is perfect for those with an interest in – and an affinity for – the outdoors.

Parkland includes 8.5 miles of trails. Multiple bike paths and sidewalks are also available. For those who like to ride, a 7.5-acre Equestrian Center is also available. The Doris Davis Forman Wildlife Preserve is a center feature of the city, and there is also a patriotically-themed park for children.

The Parkland approach to development works to keep the park-like atmosphere intact while still allowing for growth. Programming is available for all residents – there are programs and classes for seniors provided by the parks and recreation department. Summer camps are offered, as are winter break and year-round programs.

Parkland has grown throughout the years; it originally had no stores or traffic lights, but that has since changed. If you want a quaint location for your business, this is a good choice. Parkland is good for families, as the built-in sports facilities and programs make it fun to raise children in a community atmosphere. If you want a city that feels like a park, Parkland may well be your answer. Housing is somewhat expensive, but the landscaping and design have allowed for the inclusion of more natural beauty in your living space, which is always beneficial. If you want a city with the cozy feel of a neighborhood, you’ll find it here.





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