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California isn’t home of the only Hollywood. Hollywood, Florida is one of the largest cities of the South Florida metropolitan area, and it’s the 12th largest city in Florida. With an area of over 30 square miles, it offers plenty of space for business, family, and recreation.

The 2010 census estimates the population at 140,768.  The city’s schools are part of the Broward County School system.  There are 14 public elementary schools, three public high schools, 23 private schools, a private charter school, and five public middle schools.  Higher education also has found a home here – City College, Barry University, and Nova Southeastern University all have facilities within city limits.

Though it’s a large city, Hollywood has over 60 parks. It is home to seven golf courses as well. Seven miles of beach are available to residents, and the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk goes over 2.5 miles along the ocean.

If you’re looking for a business growth opportunity, you’ll find one in Hollywood. Over 10,000 companies work within the city. The city is home to large cruise ports, so the tourism industry provides further business potential for local companies.

If you want a day trip, Hollywood is bordered by the quaint seaside town of Dania Beach and by the large city of Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood has its own nightlife, restaurants and businesses, but you can have access to even more opportunities through this adjacent city.

Memorial Healthcare System, a renowned hospital system, is centered in Hollywood. Quality healthcare, good business opportunities, and excellent beach-front living are just a few of the positives of living here.

When you want to relax close to home, Hollywood’s downtown area offers plenty of music, culture, art, festivals, and more.  Clubs and bars are close to one another in Hollywood, making it easy to experience the many facets of city nightlife without much travel time.





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