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Davie is a town located in historic Broward County in southern Florida. It was originally Everglades swampland, and it was called Zona. However, P.P. Davie was a major force in draining swampland. He also purchased 27,000 acres and built a school. After his death, grateful locals named the town after him.

Today, Davie is a thriving town. The 2010 census reported 37,306 households, though eight percent were vacant. Davie has a strong school system with seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high schools. Three colleges have campuses in Davie – these are Nova Southeastern University, Florida Atlantic University, and University of Florida.

A historical school, the Old Davie School, is an important part of the town’s heritage. It opened in 1918 and taught around 90 students. It still stands today, and it’s the oldest existing school building in Broward County. Though no longer in use, the Old Davie School was continuously in operation until 1980. Other historic buildings have since been moved near it.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Davie is its distinctly Western feel. While many southern Florida towns take pride in tropical flowers, flamingos, coral, and the like, Davie focuses on the feel of the Old West. It was once land used for cattle farming, and Davie still hosts a large population of horse owners. At one point, it opened Pioneer City, an amusement park with a Western theme. In keeping with the Western spirit, Davie is home to the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds.

Davie is a town with a unique feel, but it’s still conveniently close to all that southern Florida has to offer. When you live here, you’re never far from boutique shopping, fine dining, excellent entertainment, and more. Step into the Old West, step into the present day – whatever your path, Davie can help you to get there.





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