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Plantation, Florida, is a beautiful and environmentally conscious city in the heart of scenic Broward County. Plantation has earned accolades for its sustainability, including being recognized for the past 28 years as a “Tree City USA.” It also is one of only a few to earn the distinction of being a “Sterling Tree City USA.” The National Wildlife Foundation has named it a “Community Wildlife Habitat.” Plantation lets you live alongside and in harmony with the South Florida natural world.

Among the many naturally cooperative trends in the city is a farmers’ market with certified organic produce, breads, flowers, cheeses, and more. With the sunny Florida climate, the farmers’ market can run all year. It is part of Plantation’s Climate Change Task Force, an implementation to help citizens, especially young people, understand the importance of sustainability, environmental responsibility, and healthy eating.

Plantation has three golf courses within its borders, as well as park space to help residents appreciate nature. Dog parks and botanical gardens are among the parks at Plantation. If you’re up for an athletic challenge, tennis is a major part of Plantation. Multiple tournaments, tennis camps, and competitive teams are available to residents, and various other athletics for adults and kids alike help keep residents healthy.

Plantation has an area of 22.8 square miles, and there’s plenty to explore. Plus, two hospitals within the city, two libraries, and city bus service make it easy to get care when you need it, read and learn, and travel to where you need to go.

Plantation is west of Fort Lauderdale, so it’s ideal for businesses (marketing and shopping opportunities are many), whether you’re starting anew or cultivating a business you already have.






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