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R1S1 Realty is pre-hiring for our Delray Beach office

December 12, 2014 Category  Real Estate

Rent 1 Sale 1 Realty is pre-hiring for our upcoming Delray Beach, FL office.  The office location has been finalized and is scheduled to open February 1st of 2015.  The office will be on Linton Blvd west towards Military Trail.

Licensed Real Estate Agents:  Licensed real estate agents wishing to join our new location can contact our corporate office at 1-855-655-R1S1 (7171).  Positions are available on our ‘New Construction’ team, sales team, rental team or hybrid team.  Experienced and new licensed professional are welcome.  Empathy and a positive attitude are a must!  We provide on-line training, role play training and 24/7 managerial support.

Managerial Staff:  If you are interested in an administrative assistant position or manager position please forward your resume to Paula at or call Paula or Dan at 855-655-7171.

Listing Assistance:  Property owners seeking listing assistance prior to February can contact Connie or Paula at our corporate office via 1-855-655-7171.

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