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Tequesta Townhomes for Sale

Townhomes for Sale in Tequesta FL
Imagine living in a place where white arched bridges cross blue water, and lush greenery surrounds you everywhere you go. You can admire butterflies; find exquisite wildlife, egrets, and other birds; and relax near the ocean. Is this paradise? No (well, maybe) -- it’s Tequesta, Florida.

Tequesta is a lovely village in Palm Beach County. As of 2010, its population was 5,629. The total area is 2.2 square miles. It’s divided between the Florida mainland and Jupiter Island. This interesting set-up makes Tequesta a great place to live if you’re interested in water recreation. You can go boating, walk on the beach, take a swim, or just relax near the water.

In Tequesta, you’ll live alongside people who are just as passionate about coastal living as you are. Tequesta is for those who love Florida, nature, and water. This town’s population is relatively spread out over various age groups, which gives it the ability to offer something to everyone. It isn’t just a retirement village; it’s a fantastic place to be whether you’re raising a family, starting a career, or kicking off your retirement.

There are plenty of churches here, too. Churches that are Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, and more are available. A few private schools are available within the village, and nearby Jupiter schools serve students as well.

Tequesta’s notable residents are many, and they come from many fields. Among notable residents are an Olympic gold medalist, PGA Tour golfers, football players, an actress, and more. Tequesta’s median income as of 2000 was $58,825, making this a place that’s ideal for those who don’t want to spend a huge amount but still want to live near Florida’s spectacular coast. If you want to live in a beautiful place without breaking your budget, check out Tequesta. Between the wildlife, the water, and the great community, you’ll have a fantastic life. Visit today!

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